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Aphrodite's Oysters

Environmentally Friendly Pearl Reveal (not from real oyster)

Environmentally Friendly Pearl Reveal (not from real oyster)

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Reveal a beautiful pearl from our environmentally friendly plastic reusable pods

*You may order a reveal by itself without jewelry.

6-8MM pearl inside. 

Colors are not known nor guaranteed that's all part of the surprise! The Pearl will come in its own linen bag for safe keeping.

* while we strive to provide the highest quality of pearls, purchasing an opening you understand that there may be some blemishes on the pearl. Dimpling is naturally occurring during the oysters making process of the pearl. In most cases, dimpling can be hidden in the jewelry when set and we make every attempt to do so. In some cases dimpling may be visible if it cannot be hidden. There are no Refunds/exchanges of pearls with naturally occurring dimples. 

Click our FAQ section to answer questions about how to order.

How To Participate in Live Shows


A Live Design Show is where Aphrodite's Oysters goes live on our Facebook page ( and open all the mystery reveals that are purchased LIVE. Customers may also choose a pick a pearl option with their to have customized live. 

All Jewelry is set here, in house by us! NOT SENT AWAY TO TAKE WEEKS AND WEEKS.

All orders ordered by you from Monday - Sunday will be shipped together with 1 tracking number on Mondays to reduce our carbon footprint as well as to make the tracking of your items easier.


 You can go to do live openings with Natalie or her husband Dan (that's right, teamwork makes the dreamwork) on our Facebook Business Page (

Shows are Live on 

Wednesday - Friday 

At 12 noon eastern time those days 


At 5 pm eastern time those days 


At 2 pm eastern time



You can order your LIVE reveal and check the up to date LIVE schedule on the facebook. Expect to have your reveal done on the next live show time. 

You can order before the show or during. There are usually FREEBIES and PRIZES. (check that days party post on the Facebook for all the details)

The night of the party just log into

and watch others Reveal their pearls while you wait for your turn.

You can also sign up for our "WE ARE LIVE" texts so you never miss a show. Join the days you would like to, and just ignore the text when you don't feel like joining that night. 

TEXT to phone number 94253 the word APHRODITES and that is it, you are signed up. (You also will get $10 off you order just for signing up)




You can buy any of our jewelry with a pearl color of choice also known as a PICK A PEARL. Just order the jewelry item you like and then add the pick a pearl color option from the list of colors. No need to be on live if you do not wish to be.  



As long as there is pearl selection for the jewelry pieces on the order, the order is typically shipped on Mondays. 

If we are waiting on a pearl selection from you, it may take longer. That is up to you as the customer. You can message us on our business Facebook Page or email us at with your selections.

If no pearl selection is made within 14 days from the time of order, we will select one of the pearls from your opening and set it to your pieces. 


If you are not on one of the earlier shows of the day, your reveal will be pushed to the last show time for that day. If you still have not come on the final show of the day, your reveal will be opened without you present and a timestamp documented for you to go back later to see your reveal.


NOTE: We are not able to message you the customer through our business messenger unless you have messaged us first. Facebook just simply will not allow us to message customers first, so if you cannot be present, please be sure to message us ASAP. 

If you are not on for your reveal and you do not contact us within 14 days with a pearl selection, we will go ahead and select for you, set and ship your item.


NOTE: Jewelry will not be replaced or refunded if the color we selected is not to your liking so please be sure to be present to pick what you would like for your jewelry. PLUS, THAT IS WHERE ALL THE FUN HAPPENS.


Don't forget to like, follow and turn on notifications for the page. We are an interactive experience so this is IMPORTANT! 

Thank you for reading, if you have any further questions, please let me know by messaging me on my facebook page. 



Care Instructions

How to Care for your Jewelry

Pearls are a natural gem and requires special care. Avoid cleaning your pearls and Silver Jewelry with any cleaning products and avoid contact with lotions, perfume, sweat, cosmetics etc. Continued exposure will tarnish and damage your jewelry and pearls. Remove your jewelry prior to showering, washing hands, using any kind of hand cleaners. Your pearl jewelry should be the last thing you put on in the morning and the first thing you take off at night. All pearls are drilled and set with a strong jewelers epoxy, however never removing your jewelry could result in the pearl coming loose from your setting. 

Your sterling silver jewelry should be cleaned and polished with a jewelry cleaning cloth only. 

When not in use, simply store your jewelry and pearl in the jewelry bag that is provided to prevent tarnishing and scratching.



These oysters are not fit for consumption and Aphrodite's Oysters is not held liable if the product is ingested by a any person or pet.

When Opening your AT HOME OYSTERS:

* Cut open the vacuumed sealed Oyster packaging. Slide a butter knife into the top opening of the Oyster and Gently slide it down the side being mindful not to cut all the way down. If you cut all the way down you may damage your Pearl inside.

* Be careful not to injure yourself while opening your oyster by using a butter knife only and wash your hands and area thoroughly.


All jewelry comes with a 1 year warranty that covers lost pearls on drilled and set pieces and stones that fall out and malfunction of clasps on chains. Buyer has 7 days from delivery to inspect for damage done during shipping & for missing items and notify their consultant.


-Wear and Tear damage such as scratches to pearl or jewelry after the first 7 days of receipt.

-Broken chains are not included in the warranty 

-Buyer must contact their sales agent by Facebook messenger or email to submit an item for return under warranty, must have the Order number available & send photos to open a return.

Aphrodite's Oysters / Address 372 Breve Court, Las Vegas, NV 89145 / United States 
Tel 1-725-205-5120 / Email : &

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