Environmentally Friendly Pearl Reveal (not from real oyster)

Reveal a beautiful pearl from our environmentally friendly plastic reusable pods

*You may order a reveal by itself without jewelry.

***If you order one $25 pearl reveal and a jewelry item that requires a pearl to be set, you will automatically receive 2 reveals for the price of one during your scheduled reveal. 2 for $25 is not valid to be combined with items that already come with pearls pre-set to them, also not valid with $7.99 Bails and loose chains***

6-8MM pearl inside. 

Colors are not known nor guaranteed that's all part of the surprise! The Pearl will come in its own linen bag for safe keeping.

* while we strive to provide the highest quality of pearls, purchasing an opening you understand that there may be some blemishes on the pearl. Dimpling is naturally occurring during the oysters making process of the pearl. In most cases, dimpling can be hidden in the jewelry when set and we make every attempt to do so. In some cases dimpling may be visible if it cannot be hidden. There are no Refunds/exchanges of pearls with naturally occurring dimples. 

Click our FAQ section to answer questions about how to order.


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