Aphrodite's Pearls Sterling Silver Necklace - 3 pearl necklace

This Sterling Silver Necklace can be customized as you like. 

Put an Edison Pearl in the center and two pearls on either side. Put 3 Edisons or 3 regular pearls. With 3 pearls it make this necklace 20" long. 

You can add additional pearls to this necklace as well by adding additional bails and pearls to your order. 

Every 2 additional pearls adds 1" of length to the total length of this necklace. 


3 pearls = 20" in length (as seen in photo)

5 pearls = 21" in length

7 Pearls = 22" In length

9 pearls = 23" in length and so on. 

There Is no limit on how many additional pearls and bails that can be added to this piece. *additional pearls and bails are purchased seperately. 


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